Extremely slow responses from SmartThings buttons after 0.108 upgrade

Is anyone experiencing extremely slow responses from SmartThings buttons after going to version 0.108.x?
On 0.107.x was taking about 1 second for the action to be applied after pressing the button and now between 25-30 seconds making the buttons useless :frowning:

This is how it is used:

- id: KitchenButton
  alias: Lights - Cabinet lights toggle
  - event_data:
      name: Kitchen Button
      value: pushed
    event_type: smartthings.button
    platform: event
  - data:
      entity_id: switch.cabinet_lights
    service: switch.toggle

People have been having slowness also with Tuya and Logitech since 0.105.5. There are several threads on it and an open bug. Something basic changed going to 0.106.0 that is causing this same kind of delay across several button press kind of operations / platforms.

Strange how I did not encounter it until 0.108 upgrade :thinking:
Would you have the bug/issue link handy so I can track it also?


I know I’ve seen other threads too for other interfaces with the same issuebut I can’t find them at the moment.

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