EZVIZ DB1/HikVision HD1 Doorbell with Shelly Uni + general deepdive

I switched from Ring and Nest to the EZVIZ DB1 smart doorbell, because I wanted to eliminate a cloud dependency from the basic camera/doorbell functionality in my house. This doorbell has come up in these forums several times. I solved the button press issue by creating a smart doorbell push sensor using a Shelly Uni. I also did a fairly comprehensive review of the available compatible apps, plus a pretty thorough traffic audit, and I dissected the firmware a bit.

I finally have a smart doorbell that works both as an IP camera and a doorbell, with local HA integration, and reliable low-latency two-way phone comms. It’s not a perfect product, but when fully configured and combined with HA and Frigate, I think it is the best solution available right now.

I took detailed notes while I got everything working, and have written it all up in a detailed report. It’s a little long, but you can skip to the bit that interests you. Hopefully this guide will contain something useful for anyone currently using the doorbell, and anyone considering buying one.


Wow, thanks for this detailed report. Just a week ago I pulled this camera out of my drawer again. Where I put it after finding out catching the button press reliably was a pain. With the help of your guide I may finally find enough willpower to actually put it to use! :wink:

Thank you very much!

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Great read @seanblanchfield,

Thank you for taking the time for a very concise deepdive.

Here not using the built in PIR or mobile apps anymore and went to an external facing the door 433Mhz PIR connected to a Sonoff to Tasmota 433Mhz hub which works better for me these days.