Ezviz NVR Compatibility

Hi guys, so I did a Google first, but can’t seem to find any information, so…
I have HA installed, loving the feature set so far, and plan on installing tablets in each bedroom and at the entrance doors for control. But I have a hiccup. My wife got as a gift for me years back a Ezviz NVR, with the BNC wired cameras that go back to a common NVR. Now I can access thru the mobile apps from Ezviz the cameras, but I am trying to integrate with HA. All the integrations I’m seeing are of people integrating the wireless cameras, which I don’t have. Does anyone have insights on config to get the NVR viewable fro. HA? I can’t be the only one that has looked to do this…

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I hope you figure something out. I’m in a very similar boat.

I ended up finding the rtsp stream urls from another website which walked me thru exposing the streams, installed motioneye alongside HASS, and bingo!

can you please post rtsp stream url?

This isnt the site i got it from, but it has required info needed. Im trying to find the url for the site I used


I will thank you a lot, cause i’m talking about ezviz nvr.