EZviz RTSP doorbell camera automation

I’ve got one of these installed and pulling the RTSP feed into Blue Iris, which HA can then see.

I would like to tie in a button press of the doorbell. The EZviz app is horrible. I want to VLAN off the doorbell and keep it all local.

I tried to follow Frank’s $2 DIY doorbell guide but it is meant for ‘dumb’ doorbells and converts a button press into a GPIO binary_sensor using ESPHOME. If I try the same with this doorbell, power is interrupted and the camera dies.

I tried placing a Smartthings multi-sensor in my chime box to sense acceleration when the chime goes off. This works about half the time and there are also false positives if somebody bumps the wall that the chime is installed on. The sensor is pretty sensitive to acceleration.

Any other ideas how I could reliably get a button pressed pulled into HA as a binary_sensor?

I use Tasker to capture Android app notifications (motion alerts, doorbell presses) to then trigger HA sensors via the Rest API. I used this for both the Skybell doorbell and now for the Amcrest AD110. I was curious who was using EZViz doorbell with HA, which is what led me to this post.

If you have an old Android phone that you can dedicate to Tasker, or perhaps run an Android emulator on Linux, see this post for Tasker setup instructions. There is also a HA Tasker plugin on Google Play to simplify the config.

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