F-Droid or APK release please


is there a chance you upload the App on F-Droid or as an APK to the Github releases.
I don’t want to have Google on my phone.
As this is an open source project I would highly appreciate if there is an alternate non-Google way to get the App.
(I know I can download and install the App manually but that’s not what I find comfortable)


Also interested. I have an old tablet with a custom rom and no google services, as they consume a lot of resources for such an old device. Currently I control HASS via web browser there, but I’d rather have a full screen app.

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The app uses google services for things like notifcations and location tracking. The other app stores won’t allow it. Just use the firebase builds to side load the APK so you can check it out.

In this case the majority of users needs to be considered and most of them have google services. There is nothing stopping you from installing the firebase builds and they are identical to what is released to the play store.


I marked that as solution.


In my opinion Home Assistant is for me a tool for privacy and to be independent of those who want to collect my data.
Even if the majority of people do have Google services such an App should not use Google services in any means.
Of course that would make things harder for you, so I do understand your decision.
Thanks for telling me.

If I don not have Google installed or have it deactivated, will Google get any data from me then when using the App?