F.lux for Smart Lights

I likes f.lux application in my work laptop that helps dimmed the monitor brightness after sunset when I worked from home. It reduced the contrast between the monitor and the surrounding after sunset and therefore reduced eyestrain. I started to build this sort of mechanism for my smart light. Initially I only have divided a day into 3 parts.

  1. During the daytime - daylight (4000k) and bright

  2. During the night - warm (3000k) and bright

  3. During the middle night - very warm (<2700k) and and dim.

I like 4000k lights in the daytime for working and energized me. I also like comfy 3000k lights in the night when having dinner and watching TV. The 2000k dim lights in the middle night makes sure it will not stop me from falling into sleep after waking up in the night.

Recently I discovered Apple Homekit added a feature called “Adaptive Lighting”, essentially a smart light version of “f.lux”. Later I managed to find a Home Assistant integration alternative. https://github.com/basnijholt/adaptive-lighting

After using it, I am quite happy with the result and customization that it supports. It is very easy to set up in the GUI and the default configuration works really well. I have disabled my previous manually written automations and think I will use this integration onwards.