Face id on nuc

I moved to nuc 5ppyh (hassio) last month and faced a bluetooth issue (it works 5% of all time). So I started using gps tracking for my alarm on/off automation. But gps (Home Assistant beta app) wasn’t always good, I had one wrong triggering of alarm (gps did not update when father came home, so alarm was not deactivated).

I have a camera (hiwatch ds i114w) right in front of the door. I would absolutely love to use it for deactivating alarm. So I need to identify coming person.

I do not have any experience working with neural networks, but as I understand, I can use pre-trained models. Could you give me an advise which way to go? As I know, tensorflow is still unavailable for hassio. Can I use cameras person recognition (if it is there).

I found that tensorflow hassio add on is in development. Can I somehow get any info on dates?

Hey guys, again on this question.
Found custom addon with really short readme. Is this the best way to go now on Home Assistant (old hassio)?