Facebook messenger notifications appear on Android TV

I have enabled Android TV notifications in Home Assistant, but every time a friend sends me a message on Facebook I get a notification on my TV showing the message. How can I stop that? I want to get other notifications, but not for Facebook messenger

If I understand correctly, it is the android HA app that is sending the notifications on the TV, using the Android TV integration

Another annoying issue is that multiple times every day I get a notification on my TV saying “please buy the premium version” blah blah blah. Is there any way to disable that?

This has nothing to do with Home Assistant. You clearly have an app installed on your phone which is sending those notifications to your AndroidTV. Which is why the notification says you need to buy premium version. That app that is pushing that from your phone is saying that. Delete that app, or set it up so it doesn’t push all notifications from your phone.

It’s this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.cyberdream.androidtv.notifications.google

It’s made clear in the docs too btw: Notifications for Android TV / Fire TV - Home Assistant

When setting this up be aware, that there are two apps: one for your smartphone to send notifications (not required for this platform) and one for your Android TV device to receive the notifications. The app available in the store of your Android TV device is the one that is needed to display notifications sent from Home Assistant. The In-App purchases only apply to the client for Android smartphones, so there isn’t any limit when pushing notifications from Home Assistant.

The Home Assistant integration is meant to send notifications from HA to your AndroidTV. This means you need to create automations to send them. HA can’t just send notifications without you having created automations for them.

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