Fade lights slowly

Would someone please help me find a way to fade all of the lights in the room to 20% over 15 seconds. In Scripts, I see a action to “Decrease Device Brightness”. This means one click of the script, one dim. Can someone help me connects the dots. I have tried the various scripts in the forum, but just cant make any work. These are GE Z-Wave wall dimmers.

You can try choosing the service trigger instead of device trigger. To see the available options, go to Services under Developer Tools.

You can look at the script in this example, but it’s probably overkill. Still it might give you an idea.

Also, newer GE Z-Wave dimmers support the transition option to the light.turn_on service. E.g., I have two different GE Z-Wave dimmer models. The older one doesn’t, but the newer one does. You can look at the supported_features attribute of the light entities to find out.

Ahh. My supported_features: 1. I see this is brightness but not transition.