Fading lights with Node Red

Does anyone have a clever way to fade lights up and down (like a traditional dimmer switch) which can be controlled by a single input command ?

Ie. hold button and if the light is < 40% it’ll fade up in steps until the button is released.
hold the same button and if the light is > 40% it’ll fade down until the button is released.

I currently have a flow which does work, but isn’t reliable… I can post what I have when I get home, but I’m interested to know if anyone has already achieved something like this?


I tried this recently with no success, so I am anxious to see the answers :slight_smile:

I found something similar in another post here in the forum


Let me know if I can help at all. I chose Round Robin rather than the over/under 40% approach but you could work that in.

The Fibaro Z-Wave dimmers I use have this feature built in if you use the right switches. Check if yours offer this.

Brilliant - thank you. Looks much slicker than my attempt :smile:

@chimpy thanks, round robin actually sounds like it could be a better idea. I’ll be checking it out today!

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