Fahrenheit Temperatures for climate accessories

Hey everyone,

Is anyone else having problems with Fahrenheit temperatures being displayed incorrectly within the iOS Home app? For example, temperature of 162 being shown in the Home app?

I ask because I am curious if this issue is something that is only affecting a few individuals, or is affecting everyone who configures HomeAssistant to use F temperatures. If it is an issue affecting everyone, it seems like an important one to address. I submitted a pull request to try and get this process started but it’s been over 2 weeks and haven’t heard anything.


I am having the issue… I hope it gets fixed

I’m having the same issue.

Yes, same issue here.

Eagerly watching your merge request danielwelch, thanks for doing the work!

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The HomeAssistant plugin was updated to version 3.0.0. Now I finally have temperatures showing as proper Fahrenheit temperatures (yea!). But unfortunately for me, it shows the current temperature as the same number as the target temperature, while the current temperature shows properly in HomeAssistant.

Do you recall if this was in issue previously? If not, it’s definitely possible that one of my changes introduced this issue. I’ll take a look at it soon, likely this weekend.

Edit: Looks like a simple fix, I’ve opened a pull request that should solve this problem.

Another Edit: it’s been merged and released as 3.0.1.

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Yes, looks to be working. Thank you!