Fail safe needed for Climate Control

Hi, had an issue yesterday, where after a power cut my Shelly H & T did not reconnect to HA, I had no error, and the H&T value in HA was the last Temp received.

So at 18:00 the heating came on, as the H&T was lower than the Climate set value, but of course the room got hotter but the Shelly was “off line”. So the heating styed on forever, luck I was home.

I can’t be the only one this has happened too, is there an answer?

I have a Zigbee sensor in the room, but you can’t have 2 sensors in the Climate addin.

Was thinking of a fail safe that if the Zigbee went 1 deg higher that the Climate Set value to turn the heating off, but not sure how to do this in a template.

Any thoughts

You can have as many sensors as you want regardless of some addon. Group them using helper to measure media temp if you want.
I don’t understand the question. You use shelly to control heater but it was offline?

The best fail safe would still be a dumb thermostat shutting off the heater, when too hot. Set it just a few degrees higher, than your smart stuff.
I will never trust radio-controlled devices enough to let them work without such backup…

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You need to clarify the connected devices.
You definitely should set a MaX ON time. Adding a actual thermostat as secondary or primary would be best. This sound pretty online only and subject to fail. Recommend that AC/heat have local control and function independent of smart home to prevent damage.

I have created a “Watchdog Type” solution that I am very happy with and works.

  1. When the heating comes on a 1 hour timer is started.
  2. Every Time The Temperature sensor sends a change (which you would expect if the heating is on) it resets the 1 hour timer
  3. If the 1 Hour Timer Finishes either the sensor is not responding or the boiler in not running, either way the Climate Control is set to “Off” and I am sent a notification.

Been running this for a month and it worked well as I moved a Zigbee Temp Sensor and it lost its connection. Heating ran for an hour before I got an email.

Hope this helps of anyone is thinking that this is an issue.