Failed commissioning Nanoleaf Matter Devices from HomeKit to Home Assistant

I am having issues adding Matter Devices to Home Assistant.

I am using a UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter 5.3 and a SkyConnect 1.0 set up for Zigbee devices only. I am Running Home Assistant in Docker version 2023.12.

How I set up Thread Network in Home Assistant:
I first set up the HomePod Mini and added the Matter Devices. I found that Nanoleaf bulbs get buggy once more than 10 devices are added. Google Nest Wifi can also function as Thread Border Router. To join it to the one from HomePod Mini, I preform a factory reset on the WiFi nodes and then set them up with Google Home app on iPhone. I added the network to HomeAssistant using TLV Dataset using the python code provided in this comment and the information provided in the Nanoleaf App. Look at the picture below:

First i insured the requirements for Matter-Server are met as described in the GitHub page. Then i ran the Server in Dockerr Compose. I added Matter Beta to Home Assistant and it connected as expected.

I used HomeKit to turn on pairing mode and added the devices using the App on iPhone. The Eve devices took a couple of tries but ultimately were all successful to pair. When trying to pair Nanoleaf Bulbs i am faced with failure every time. This is the Matter Server logs during a failed commission process.

I understand that currently, Nanoleaf Matter Products currently have many bugs and that Matter for Home Assistant is still in Beta but i wanna know where is the cause of the failure in my case. Anyone have any experience with the described situation? Looking forward for the discussion!!