Failed login

Every day I get notification in HA that a client from a certain IP could not login, the IP belongs to the mobile phone with the app and the app works just fine, login with fingerprints, HA is not open in any browser. This looks bizarre, any guesses why this may be happening?

Do you regularly leave the app on a page that has camera views? If so it is a known bug.

(something to do with caching the auth token for the camera views which subsequently expires)

The workaround is to make sure your cameras are on a different page and always go back to the home page before exiting the app.


ah yeah, there is a camera. Thanks for the explanation, the notification is not that much of a problem when I know why I am getting it.

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Are there any updates on this, or main thread to follow? Waking up to those login attempts is unnerving

No idea tbh, but I still occasionally get them when my other half forgets to move off the camera page before closing the app so I guess it’s not been fixed yet :man_shrugging:

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Does this behavior happen in the browser on the device too?

It’s only on mobile devices. When you close a browser/tab on a computer and then reopen your browser it opens a fresh instance. On a mobile the browser just ‘sleeps’ and the problem occurs when you wake it up.

It’s less of an issue on android because one naturally swipes/presses ‘back’ which exits the browser. But on ios they just press the ‘home’ button to close the browser, the next time they open the browser it tries to resume from where it left off, but if it was left on a page with camera feeds the tokens have expired.

(we presume that’s what causes it as it’s fairly reliable to reproduce and the number of failed login attempts seems to match the number of camera feeds on the page)