Failed Scene using Motion Dector

Good day,
I’m trying to set up a scene that will be triggered by a Third Reality Motion Sensor.

I have set up 2 (distinct) smart bulbs (Teckin/Tuya integration) to come on & turn red.

I continue to received this message >
“failed to call service scene/turn_on. value must be at least 0 for dictionary value @ data[‘hs_color’]”

Does anyone have any idea why this scene fails? I Have other scenes with the same brand lights that work fine. I have even tried to Duplicate those scenes & edit with no luck.


Just refreshing this to see if anyone has thoughts. I am still having this issue (to my knowledge) only when trying to create a scene with red color lights.

I have the same issue, 3 of 4 lights set color with scene fine, 1, same light throws this error. Super annoying.

I feel ya.