Failed to add SwitchBot Lock - Unknown error occurred

I got myself a SwitchBot Lock today. Installed it and configured it using the SwitchBot app on my phone. Works all fine.

Moving on to Home Assistant the lock is automatically discovered, I press CONFIGURE but after I have put in my Username and Password (to retrieve the lock encryption key) - it process for awhile and then I get “Unknown error occurred”.

I have re-started Home assistant but same issue occurs. If a put in an incorrect password I get “Authentification failed”, so it do seem to talk to the Switchbot cloud…

Note: I only have the SwitchBot Lock and not the SwitchBot Hub (if that matters).

Did you use a Google account or similar to create your Switchbot account (versus just an email account). I remember that being an issue when I set mine up initially.

That could be possible, it was 6-7y ago that I created this SwitchBot account so I don’t remember. I will make a new account and add the lock to that account later today. Thanks for the suggestion.

Just did this, created a fresh new SwitchBot account and added my Lock to it. But unfortunately still same issue when trying to add it to HA… :confused:

How are you connecting to it via BT with HA?

Yes should be BT - the lock is automatically discovered in HA.

But are you using a BT dongle directly connected to HA or a BT Proxy device? I mention it because the lock requires an active connection (back and forth communication), which at least for BT Proxies, isn’t the default. Also since it’s BT the range is pretty limited. Make sure and try it RIGHT next to your device to make sure it’s not just a poor signal issue.

Thanks for your questions.

I have a BT dongle on a USB extension, my assumption is that the lock is discovered thru that dongle. I also have Shelly device that has BT, but that device is located on the 3rd floor (2 floors up). The BT dongle is about 3m from the lock, which I assume should be sufficient - I have no problem controlling the lock from my iPhone at same location (as the dongle) as well as from another 3m away in the same room.

EDIT: I have now disabled the BT on the Shelly device to be sure that it does not play a role in this issue.

I’m out of ideas then. FYI, the Shelly definitely won’t work for connecting to the Switchbot as it doesn’t support active BT connections, but it seems you’ve removed that as a possible source of the issue.

Now I managed to make the configuration and add my lock to HA.

I got an upgrade for Home Assistant OS to 11.5, after the update and re-start I made another try to configure the lock in HA - and suddenly it worked. (I have re-started my HA several times before, without success)