"Failed to connect" when trying to install the integration "VLC telnet"

Hi there,

I’d like to play sounds from my Home Assistant (using the minijack), triggered by automations. I’ve doing some research, and the easiest way seems to be installing the VLC addon and the VLC Telnet integration.

I’ve installed VLC from the Add-ons store, started the addon, restarted, and tried to install the VLC Telnet integration, cause I get the error message “failed to connect”. I have found another post where it was solved this way:

checking that in configuration.yaml was no entry about VLC
Deinstalling - Reinstalling VLC
And then installing VLC telnet normally

Unfortunately it doesn’t work by me. I’m trying everything I know to solve this, but I’m stuck. I’m new with Home Assistant and I’m probably overseeing someting. Any help would be more than welcome.

I have installed Home Assistante very fresh (last week) on a Raspi 3.

Same problem for me, have you find a solution?