Failed to restore large backup to new HAOS install (KVM)

I’m trying to move from an unsupported supervised install on top of debian 10 to HAOS 8.1. I have a rather large backup (~12 GB at the moment because of Frigate) and when i try to restore it to a new HAOS install, it fails silently. when i try again, and run “host info” from the console a bunch, i can see that the server is running out of space during the attempted restore. Is there a way I can take the provided 32GB KVM image and increase it’s size safely before initial setup? Or is there something else I’m missing?

I’m fully aware of how to do it within KVM/qemu, but in order for the OS to recognize the larger disk, one would need to expand the filesystem from the OS, and from what I understand, there is no shell access on HAOS