Failed to start Bluetooth: adapter 'hci0' not found


i am trying to install the Bluetooth integration and i am getting the error: “Retrying setup: Failed to start Bluetooth: adapter ‘hci0’ not found”

My HA is running on a NUC with Proxmox. Here is my USB setup on Proxmox:

Any idea what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!

If you go into “Settings > System > Hardware > Kebab menu > All Hardware” you will be able to see what hardware HA can see.

Did you solve the problem ?
I have Proxmox the same that you, and same propblem

No i still have the issue

Same here too :frowning:

Same here with a NUC…

I have the same problem with a Macpro running Virtual box. Apparently the HA sees it. Not sure how to get this resolved. Any ideas?

I am having the same issue in a VM as well

Same, Proxmox on an Intel NUC. If I do a full system reboot, it finds the (built in) bluetooth adapter. The problem shows up when updating HA, and occasionally other unknown reasons. Restarting HA doesn’t fix it, only a full system restart.

I am running windows and Virtual Box - sometimes the USB BT adapter does not get picked up.

But if I go to the VM window and right click on the USB symbol on the bottom, I can then make a tick mark next to the BT adapter and everything works again ?!?

In my case, I have a 4,1 MacPro running Virtualbox. I have read “somewhere” that the Mac has issues giving up host control of the bluetooth. I haven’t bought a separate dongle yet but hear that might be the solution. I think it might try this.

I have RPi 4, and having the same issue.
Will this resolve the problem?

For debian 11 I upgraded kernel to 6.0 and than bluetooth adapter was recignized.

I moved my HA to VMware - works like a treat!
So I think it may be Virtualbox that is part of the BT problem?

Don’t think so. I moved the Bluetooth port to my Ubuntu VBOX and it sees it just fine. So I think this is not a MAC or VBOX issue but unique to HA virtualization?

I have a RaspberryPi3 with exactly the same problem

I had this problem on my Thinkcentre m93p running proxmox. Removing the device from Home Assistant and adding it again solved the problem.