Failure including Leviton fan controller via SmartStart QR code

  • Controller: Zooz ZST10-700 v7.17.2
  • Integration: Z-Wave JS 0.1.74 addon
  • Home Assistant: 2022.11.4

I have a Leviton ZW4SF-1BW 4-speed fan controller that includes an identical Smart Start QR code on both the packaging and switch body. If I use the Home Assistant companion app (2022.10.1) and scan either QR code to include the switch into my Z-Wave network, the QR code scanner displays an error:

Z-Wave error 1406: Invalid QR code: contains invalid characters (ZW1406)

If I read the QR code with a different app and parse it manually, it appears to be well-formatted when compared to the specification. Is HA not supporting Smart Start codes currently?

Their QR codes are broken. Check the scanned text code again and you will find a trailing white space character. I would complain to their support, after all they are part of the “Works with Home Assistant” program. It’s an easy fix for the Z-Wave driver, but it’s annoying it should have to workaround such an issue.

See these issues:

That’ll do it. Thanks. I checked the HA issues and the forum here, but didn’t think to check the zwave-js-ui repository for issues. That’s a lot of places to check…