Fake Philips Hue Tap Dial events


I have a few Hue Tap Dial switches (The circular thingies with 4 buttons and radial dial), which control various lights. These are connected with HA via the built-in Hue Bridge integration.
I have now experienced multiple times, while not at home (I live alone and have no pets), that button events are triggered for one or more of these switches.
These “fake” events are what triggered me to create an automation that sends a notification to my phone, when lights turn on when I’m not home.

Do any of you have any experiences like this? I’m leaning towards either the hue bridge is re-transmitting old events with a huge delay, or my house is haunted (partially joking with this, as other strange events have occurred in the house :sweat_smile:).

I can see that each of the automations used for that Hue Tap Dial were triggered at the same time, as if all buttons were pressed at the same time. It is however not a “button pressed” event that triggered it, but rather a generic “hue event”.
Perhaps there’s a clue in that data that I’m missing.

A couple of things from my experience:

There used to be a problem with the Hue integration such that random button presses were generated when the Hue bridge was updated. This has not happened for a while, so it may be fixed, but I still keep “update automatically” turned off in the Hue bridge, just in case.

I don’t have a Tap Dial switch, but I do have a couple of simple Hue buttons. If they are directly connected to a light (using the Hue app) I have not noticed any problems, but if they are being used as triggers for automations I occasionally (not very often) get false presses. This seems to happen if I use the timestamp change as the trigger - as in the docs…

If I use a device trigger and “First button” pressed initially I’ve never experienced any problems.

I’ve had this experience as well, but with the Philips Hue “Smart Button”. I can look back through the event history in Home Assistant and see that it believes the button was pressed. My automations were triggered by “Frist button released after short press”, I’ve swapped this to “Frist button pressed initially” as suggested above. Will report back my finding if it happens again.

I’d prefer to us the button released trigger, as this would allow me to set another automation up in the future for a long press.

I also disabled automatic updates using the Hue app, but the issue has recurred since.

Can confirm, I’ve got the same issue with my hue tap dials running over the bridge on HA. As others have mentioned it does seem to happen with the bridge updates, I have also experienced it after a HA update and restart.