Fakro chain motor ZWS12

I have a problem with operating a Fakro windows opener (chain motor) ZWS12.

After sending a few commands the unit is reported as a dead node in HASS.

For testing purposes I used a spare Aeotec gen 5 ZWave stick, with only the ZWS12 as node.

Distance between radio and actor is only 3 meters, without concrete walls.

Making the association works flawless, sending the first few commands works to (open, stop close) but after 3 or 4 commands the operation/control of the device is not possible anymore. In HASS the unit is listed as dead.

Removing the power supply of the window opener, reboot HASS, and repower the devices, makes that the ZWS12 is initialized successfully after the reboot of HASS. Then the circus starts over again.

When I use domoticz to control this window opener, I can keep controlling the device, without being reported dead after sending some commands. I think it is an HASS or HASS/openZwave issue …

I know there are some issues concerning openzwave and the fakro ZWS (like not able to read and set the level).

Is there anybody who can successful operate the Fakro ZWS 12?

I would be grateful for any help.


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