(False Alarm) Assistant not working on iOS 14

I’ve just upgraded to iOS 14.0 Beta and the companion app not longer connects to Hassio.
I uninstalled and re-installed the app and it times out trying to authenticate. Same problem with the Home Assistant Beta 2020.4. I know this is an early beta but thought the feedback might be useful to the developers.

That’s good to know. I was about to do the beta myself this weekend. If there isn’t one already, you might want to file a github issue for the app to make sure the developers are aware.

Good Idea - Will do

Sorry - False Alarm - turns out my wifi has turned off and of course could not see the Server. Sorry for the panic!

If you can you may want to change the headline of this thread by appending someting like “false alarm”

Just fixed the title, thanks.

And just to be clear for anyone reading this, the app works under the current iOS 14 beta perfectly fine, I’ve been using it the past week with no issues :slight_smile:

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I upgraded to the iOS 14 public beta last night and since the associated device tracker for location detection from the mobile app does not seem to work anymore. Is anyone else seeing this?

Have been running the iOS 14 beta since day one and everything have been working perfectly for me, including tracking.

That’s good to know, I must have some other issue at play. I reset all mobile devices and deleted .ios.conf to attempt a clean mobile device setup and still have the issue. My wife’s phone which is on iOS 13 is working fine.

OK so those of you Using iOS 14 beta does Siri work with any of your devices? When I try to give it a command says no devices are found open the home app. All my devices are there and I can control them manually just not using Siri commands.

Yes, same issue here on iOS 14 beta. Can turn on/off devices through the Home app by tapping on them, but not using Siri voice commands. I don’t get a “no devices found” error like you, it just says “I’m not sure what you mean” and tells me to open the Home app.

I use my Apple TV as my HomeKit hub, and I noticed under Settings -> Users and Accounts on my Apple TV, my user account has two duplicates now (which can’t be deleted). I don’t know if that’s the cause or just a coincidence, but it’s perhaps something you could check if you also use an Apple TV as the hub.

I use the Apple TV as a hub too. I only have one user under settings. Hopefully they get it sorted out in the next beta.

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