False alarms - Fibaro smoke sensor FGSD-002

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Hi. I’m having issues with false alarms of the Fibaro some sensor FGSD-002. Of cause always in the middel of the night.
I’m having tree sensor installed one on each floor and which one that goes off is random. There to “false” alarms. 1. is smoke detected, which is very loud. 2. is the lake of Z-wave connection which is a short beep sound periodically.
In both cases I get a respons in the Z-Wave JS Logs when triple clicking the B-button on the device indication the connection is “fine”. Most case taking out the batterier and put it back stops the alarm. In one case with the smoke detection alarm I had to remove it from the Z-wave and join it again to cleare the alarm. I general it seems that every thing is working fine except for the false alarms.

Any ideas on how to solve this or get close to what the issue is?

Core Version - core-2021.10.4
Supervisor Version - supervisor-2021.10.0
Z-Wave JS - Current version: 0.1.45
Z-Wave JS integration - Driver Version: 8.4.1, Server Version: 1.10.7
AEON Z‐Stick Gen5 - Firmware: 1.1