Family calendar

To display only tomorrow’s calendar, is there a way?

Setting !important for the width works. This will however also override any values in the media queries, so you’ll also have to add those if you want to keep it responsive. You’ll also need to change the 6 to a 3 (which is the number of spaces between the days, so 1 less than the number of columns).

    .container .day {
      width: calc((100% - 3 * var(--days-spacing)) / 4) !important;
    @container weekplanner (width <= 1024px) {
        .container .day {
            width: calc((100% - 2 * var(--days-spacing)) / 3) !important;
    @container weekplanner (width <= 640px) {
        .container .day {
            width: 100% !important;

It fetches the events for all configured calendars every 60 seconds by default. If you want it more often you can set the updateInterval option.

It’s a custom theme. You can find more about that here

I haven’t been able to reproduce this, but I don’t have a Fire tablet. Did you add any custom styles using card_mod?

Didn’t have any plans for that, but I might in the future.

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Yes, you can set startingDay to tomorrow and days to 1.

Hello all,

whats wrong here.
when i try t oadd via custom repositories i get a error message:
Repository structure for v1.4.0 is not compliant
and cant install

1st of all great custom card.

is there a way to match the background of an event with a calendar color ?

1st time poster. long time lurker.
Is there a way to start the month on the 1st and display the whole month? Regardless if its moved passed that day.

Is there a way to remove the “eventbackground” from days without any events. I removed the event name now its just a blank background for 1 line with no text

Also is it possible to add a slight shadow to each day? So each day stands out against the background and the calendar itself looks more grid like.

I’m new to all of this so explain it or point me in the direction of very basic material if you can.

Really appreciate all your work.