Fan control on Raspberry Pi 4 with HAOS

Hello everyone,
I’m new to HA since one week, and i think this is pretty cool !
I have read many topics on thhe subject but did not find an effective way to do it which is still working on last HA releases : is there a way to control fan speed ? I have a Rpi 4 with a 3 pin fan.
Put it on 3,3 V but still too loud for me.

Thanks for your help !

Yes i saw this topic, but did not managed to install thé intégration GitHub - thecode/ha-rpi_gpio: Home Assistant Raspberry Pi GPIO Integration.

Do i have to copy GitHub - thecode/ha-rpi_gpio: Home Assistant Raspberry Pi GPIO Integration in the deposit field ? Doesn’t work for me.

Sorry thèse are my first days on HAOS, maybe a rookie question.

Thanks !

It tells you how to install it on the github page.

Recommend method is to use HACS, so install that first. And then use HACS to install ha-rpi-gpio.

Either that or follow the instructions to install it manually.

Ok many thanks for your help @zenzay42 i’m not home this weekend i’ll try this when i’m home tomorow evening !

Ok i managed to control my CPU fan using rp-gpio-pwm integration.
I was totally noob so i had to learn many things : HACS, install integration manually etc but now i’m OK !

So now you’re not a total noob anymore! I’m glad you got it working :slightly_smiling_face: