Fan/Light Combo Remote Options

Installed a fan/light combo in my daughters room. It’s the kind that has the light/fan controller box in the base of the fan. It only takes one switched input to turn it all on and then the remote takes over.
My daughter likes the remote feature of it.

Electrical-wise: Single gang box (limited to this by framing), line coming into switch, two 12/2 runs going to the light/fan (one isn’t used currently). Switch is currently a GE zwave paddle.

My plan was to remove the built-in fan controller, get a Treatlife DS03 switch with localtuya and an rm4 pro so she could keep the remote but HA would be the one doing the work.
Two problems:

  1. Sounds like the DS03 may not work well with HA anymore? Based on New Treatlife DS03 Ceiling/dimmer switch has no light controls in HA - #2 by kramttocs
  2. Found out the remote is 2.4ghz :frowning:

Any suggestions for a better wall switch (that isn’t oos indefinitely) that is a single gang light/fan and allows fan speed AND a way to get a remote working? Doesn’t need to be the remote that came with it. Just needs to be kid friendly.

She has a Lenovo smart clock in her room so if the remote isn’t an option, as long as the switch can control the fan speed, I could get her to use voice in lieu of the remote.

Interesting question as I am currently struggling with somewhat similar issue.
I have 4 ceiling fans in my home and each is controlled by 2 Zwave wall switches; one for fan speed and one for light dimming.
I would like to replace two of the fans with Led lighting but most of the fans currently on the market come with a remote and just one Load wire coming out (to the wall switches). People here have suggested to go the Smart by Bond route but I prefer to keep my wall switches. I have been searching and searching the internet to find the right fan, but no success so far.
My last idea is to find out if I can just replace the lamp module on the 2 fans with Led modules.
I don’t mind having a remote, but not if this replaces my wall switches.

Most of these ceiling fans can be controlled by a Bond Bridge which is how I control mine. It will, also, control many other 433Mhz devices.

If you can find the FCC ID on the remote you can look up the device and see if it can be controlled.

Bond Bridge

I understand, but most likely this will not work with my existing wall switches.

If your wall swtiches are Z-wave, Zigbee, Wifi and exposed to HA then it will work fine. If not then I agree you will need to make a change to get it to work with HA.

All of these fans are different so I’ll just explain mine.

I have my main switch controlling the power to the fan/light. I have HA in the background to control the lights.

My second switch is connected to nothing except it gets its power from the box. It is a Z-wave switch that I connect to HA. When I click up on the switch it turns on the fan, and when I click down it shuts off the fan. If I hold up OR hold down it increases or decreases the fan speed.

Yes, I thought of that and it is indeed an option. I am still struggling with the question whether, in my case, the SBB option is an overkill. My only objective is to change the lights on these fans, as the fans themselves work fine. Some time ago I ordered Zigbee fan switches from Inovelli (who knows with Inovelli when these will arrive…) to replace my Zwave 300 fan controllers. Tomorrow I go to Home Depot and explore whether I can replace the lamp modules with Led. If that works, then SBB may not be necessary, but thanks so much for your input, which is really helpful. Thanks again.

Your situation is different enough that you might be better served with a separate thread but sounds like you have some direction. :+1:

Referring back to my original post, I have and can only have a single gang switch.
The remote and canopy module that came with the fan is 2.4ghz and the Bond Bridge, like the RM4 Pro, doesn’t support that.

Going to do some more research this evening to see what smart canopy module are out there but if anyone has some ideas, please let me know.

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(Raising my hand) I am interested. What is this z-wave switch (make/model) that controls the fan & fan speed?
So, if I understand correctly, this z-wave wall switch would send commands to HA, where you have automation to tie the commands to Bond, which issues RF commands to the canopy module… yes?
And your “main switch” is a regular on/off non-smart switch, where you rarely touch / rarely turn off…?

Last I checked, iFan04 from sonoff was the only viable option - but to make it local you’d need to open the case and flash custom firmware (ESPHome). All other smart canopy module options were discontinued (back then, anyways.) Please share what you have found these days.

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I use this switch.

GE 14287