Fan Switch Suggestions

I just bought a house in Georgia. I have some dumb fans the currently controlled with two wall switches. One turns on/off the lights while the other switch does the same for the fan. There is a pull chain to control the fan speed and a switch on the base for the direction. I also have Phillips Hue bulbs from when I was still renting. I was thinking of switching the bulbs to cheaper dimmable LEDs when the Hues eventually die.

I’d like to upgrade the switches to give me remote control of the lights, fans, and fan speed. Fan direction would be nice, but not necessary. I’d also like to use zigbee or z-wave, mainly to keep the number of items on wifi to a minimum. When I do get my home assistant server up and running, I was hoping to control the fans thru the switches with it.

Do y’all have any suggestions?

I have the GE branded version of these for five fans that have been installed for several years without any issues. They’ll only control the fan on/off and speed. They’ll only be able to control the speed of AC powered fans (sounds like that’s what you have). Since you have a second switch for the light, you’d need a separate light switch for it.

Another option from Inovelli. Never used their products but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a negative review. These are ZigBee based with the same limitations mentioned above.

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I have 4 ceiling fans and each has separate switches for fan and lights. I use any Zwave dimmer for the lights.
The fan switch is Zwave 500 series and I have not seen any Zwave 700 or 800 series fan switch, which I would prefer with my 800 series Zwave dongle.
Inovelli has come out with a Zigbee fan controller, but last thing I heard is that the firmware is not really compatible with HA. You can yourself install an updated firmware that Inovelli can send you, but I prefer to wait for when that newer firmware comes with the switch.

There is also this,

… and if anyone wants to control both fan and light using single in-wall switch, some might want to do a smart switch (that has a “smart bulb mode”) along with the canopy module.