Fan template speed variable should not force 0 be included. It must be optional

I believe there is a problem with how the fan template variable speed works.

The problem is that speed variable forces 0 to be included which should be optional.

Let me explain;

In most actual devices speed works as a setting just like how direction works, meaning you can set them once and just use power to operate it at the speed and direction you prefer (or at their last setting).

Imagine this case for the current fan template operation; the speed is set to 0 and you start the device, what does that mean? Which speed will it start at? It knows which direction it will turn but not the speed. Allowing a 0 in the speed variable defeats to use the speed variable as a setting.

If using 0 in speed is made optional
or in other words
If it is made optionally possible to not use 0 speed;

  • when you issue a command shuch as ‘set it to lowest speed’ it would allow the fan to not stop.

  • you can start or stop from the template power button with the speed setting you’ve adjusted, or at least at the last speed you’ve used it at.

  • the speed variable will be allowed to be used as a setting than something to operate the fan just like how it the direction variable works.

Please add a feature to allow the 0 speed to be optional.
This would not change the speed_count or the percentage variable operation.
Since it would be a default disabled optional feature it would not break any already working templates too.

Thanks a lot.

Maybe this could also take into account situations for ventilation systems that cannot be turned off, only set to a lowest possible value. This is the case for almost all mechanical ventilation systems installed in Dutch homes, to ensure there is always some level of ventilation in the house.

Sorry, but I don’t see this ever happening because you can filter it out in your template with an if statement. Not only can you filter it out in the action section, you can also filter it out as a speed in the slider (speed_template).