Fantem z-wave products

Hey all,

Anyone used\purchased Fantem z-wave products directly from fantem?

Regards, Leigh.

UP! I discovered this products today…Seems like those of aeotec but much cheaper!

Fatem is Aeotec/aeon labs so they are exactly the same product however they just stopped shipping internationally (I had a 50 piece order cancelled). I ended up sourcing directly from aeotec.

But I found them on Alibaba (minimum order 10 pieces).

Are you sure?

Yeah I’m sure, this was the last response before I started dealing with Aeotec directly (I was practically beggin them on Alibaba to fill my order):

This is Blair from Aeotec.
You bought samples from Fantem, and I’d like to keep you informed that Fantem no longer deal
with International customers directly and will focus on whole system of Oomi brand.
Fantem sales have moved to Aeotec and will be selling Aeotec products, no Fantem brands anymore.


That’s a pity.

Aeotec products in my opinion are the best (much better than fibaro) buti they’re quite expensive.