Farm Assistant

Early days but you get the idea. These are design templates. The finished product may vary a little.

Will be used as the front end for our All-of-farm 900MHz solution -AgSense.


That looks really cool! :smile_cat:
Love the themeing of it to match farming, the tank level is really neat and something I bet people would like in the regular HA. Changing the icons to represent low level is also pretty nice.
Looks really useful! :cat2:

That looks awesome. I’m looking to do exactly the same for my tanks. I have ultrasonic sensors for level detection that communicate to HASS with MQTT. I just need to work out how to set it up to display the tank level as a bar like yours or a %. Any ideas?


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Hi there,

Sorry, the work you saw was a mockup from our designer, not an implementation.

That said, I can’t imagine it would be too hard. We have done many customisations already, including the deployment of custom cards with their own backend logic.

If you need some consulting services, please get in touch:

Alternatively, if you think you can contribute to our project, let me know.


Hi Agsense,

I am searching if I need any license if I reskin Home Assistant for our customers when I implement for them.
Could I know is there any place to credit Home Assistant and Home Assistant Community?

All of home assistant is on gihub with the licences clearly showing.

For third party themes, they are also usually on github. Their copyright is up to the individual authors.