Faster mirroring of lights

I’ve been struggling to find a way to have a light mirror a light switch in a manner that is fast. Right now when I press my light switch (which is zwave) the other zwave device takes around 5-10 seconds to mirror the state. I’ve tried a few blueprints out there as well as a manual automation that simply says “if X device is turned on, turn on device Y”.

Anyone have any blueprints or suggestions to get this to mirror faster? In Smarttthings this always triggered within 2 seconds.

FYI, i’m using ZWave JS for zwave integration with the aeotec 7 zwave stick

A way to do this faster is to use zwave associations. This allows the switch to send the state directly to the zwave device to turn it on. I’ve never actually done this myself, so others would understand the details better.

Thanks. I tried this but its still pretty slow. The screenshot is of the switch that i want to also control the backyard string lights.