seems to keep rebooting my ESP32


This is some strange behavior that I am experiencing.
I am using an ESP32 WROOOM 32 in ESPHome to control 3 strips of WS2812 LEDs with 10 LEDs each.
I’m using the custom Light Component and lambda and and an include of a header file where the setup() and loop() functions are.
Below is an extract of my yaml code. The first light is just a dummy because I need the platform “fasled_clockless” in my project, so that the FastLED.h header will be included in the build. I am including that in my fluxstrip2.h file, which is also below.
The problem I am running into is that whenever is called in my code I end up with a “rmt_write_items(1118): RMT ADDRESS ERR” in the log and a reboot of the ESP32.
I have a the UART connected to a COM port so I can read the output. I have pasted the log output (which then keeps on repeating due to infinite reboots) below.
Now if anyone could help me out in finding the error I would really appreciate it.


  name: fluxcapacitor
  friendly_name: Fluxcapacitor
  includes: fluxstrip/fluxstrip2.h
  board: esp32dev

  - platform: fastled_clockless
    chipset: WS2812
    pin: GPIO23
    num_leds: 10
    id: dummy_led
  - platform: custom
    id: custom_fluxstrip_2
    lambda: |-
      auto flux = new FluxStrip();
      return {flux};


#include "esphome.h"
#include "FastLED.h"

#define DATA_PIN 14
#define NUM_LEDS 22

class FluxStrip : public Component, public LightOutput
  FluxStrip() {}
  CRGB leds[NUM_LEDS];

  void setup() override
    FastLED.addLeds<WS2812B, DATA_PIN, GRB>(leds, NUM_LEDS);
    FastLED.setMaxPowerInVoltsAndMilliamps(5, 500);

  void loop() override
     ESP_LOGD("custom", "EnterLoop");
     leds[0] = CRGB::Red;;
	 ESP_LOGD("custom", "ExitLoop");

   LightTraits get_traits() override
	auto traits = LightTraits();
	return traits;

    void write_state(LightState *state) override



[0;32m[I][logger:258]: Log initialized[0m
[0;35m[C][ota:469]: There have been 2 suspected unsuccessful boot attempts.[0m
[0;36m[D][esp32.preferences:113]: Saving 1 preferences to flash...[0m
[0;36m[D][esp32.preferences:142]: Saving 1 preferences to flash: 0 cached, 1 written, 0 failed[0m
[0;32m[I][app:029]: Running through setup()...[0m
[0;35m[C][fastled:012]: Setting up FastLED light...[0m
[0;35m[C][light:036]: Setting up light 'dummy_led'...[0m
[0;36m[D][light:035]: 'dummy_led' Setting:[0m
[0;36m[D][light:040]:   Color mode: RGB[0m
[0;36m[D][light:050]:   Brightness: 100%[0m
[0;36m[D][light:054]:   Color brightness: 100%[0m
[0;36m[D][light:058]:   Red: 100%, Green: 100%, Blue: 100%[0m
[0;35m[C][light:036]: Setting up light 'My Custom FluxStrip 2'...[0m
[0;36m[D][light:035]: 'My Custom FluxStrip 2' Setting:[0m
[0;35m[C][wifi:037]: Setting up WiFi...[0m
[0;35m[C][wifi:038]:   Local MAC: C8:F0:9E:30:79:38[0m
[0;36m[D][wifi:386]: Starting scan...[0m
[0;36m[D][esp32.preferences:113]: Saving 2 preferences to flash...[0m
[0;36m[D][esp32.preferences:142]: Saving 2 preferences to flash: 2 cached, 0 written, 0 failed[0m
[0;36m[D][custom:046]: EnterLoop[0m
[0;36m[D][esp-idf:000]: E (324) rmt: rmt_write_items(1118): RMT ADDRESS ERR
[0;36m[D][esp-idf:000]: E (2670) wifi:[0m
[0;36m[D][esp-idf:000]: AP has neither DSSS parameter nor HT Information, drop it[0m
E (7053) task_wdt: Task watchdog got triggered. The following tasks did not reset the watchdog in time:
E (7053) task_wdt:  - loopTask (CPU 1)
E (7053) task_wdt: Tasks currently running:
E (7053) task_wdt: CPU 0: IDLE
E (7053) task_wdt: CPU 1: IDLE
E (7053) task_wdt: Aborting.

abort() was called at PC 0x400f80ac on core 0

Backtrace:0x40083c35:0x3ffbe9dc |<-CORRUPTED

ELF file SHA256: 0000000000000000

ets Jul 29 2019 12:21:46

rst:0xc (SW_CPU_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:2
entry 0x400805e4