Fatal error recovery HELP


my installtion has been down for weeks, Home Assistant could no longer obtain an IP address after an upgrade…

Tried logging into HA on the R pi direct and was faced with this, (screen shot attached)

How do I jump into emergency console???

All I want is the last snapshot off the SD card.

Looks like your card is corrupt. You might be lucky and be able to get to the snapshot by reading the sd card in a pc.

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Thank you for taking time to reply, appreciate it!

ok had tried that before, this is what I see:

a directory named:

Files named:

You need to use a PC or program capable of reading a Linux partition.

If you are on a windows PC try Diskinternals Linux Reader (free).

Or use a Linux live CD/DVD.

When you have done that and got everything up and running again, the first thing you should do is set up one of these that will create and copy your snapshots off the card automatically:

To a NAS: Samba Backup: Create and store snapshots on a Samba share

To Goggle Drive: Hass.io Add-on: Hass.io Google Drive Backup

To DropBox: Hass.io Add-on: Upload hassio snapshots to Dropbox

To NextCloud: [New Addon] Snap-Shipper - Webdav backups (and probably other ways to later on)

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thanks, I will try tomorrow…yeah backups, was manually moving them over to my PC and got lazy/busy for about a month or 2, will definitely add an automation off site.

I couldn’t wait, was too easy, thanks, I have the latest .tar file !

I did save directory structure
but did not use option of exrtact file date from metadata

life saver! well not really, but lots of time for sure, thanks so much!


Hi Tom, I thought I would be able to re format that card but no luck…how could you tell it was corrupt?

You’re reporting i/o errors on dev mmcblk0 your SD card. Classic signs of failing card.

There’s a number of utilities you can use to check the integrity of your SD card. If you’re using Linux this free utility is useful. It can even revive your SD card and make it useable again https://fight-flash-fraud.readthedocs.io/en/latest/usage.html

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thank you for replying, no not using Linux, to the trash bin it goes once I try warranty route, as its only 3 monsth old and came with the R Pi 4 from CanaKit, I think they are usually a good outfit about such things

If the supplier agrees to provide a replacement that’s your issue resolved.

Every new SD card I purchase is put through a test using that utility I referred to. If it passes I’m happy to install my system on it.

Be mindful that there are many SD cards on sale in the marketplace that are counterfeit and present as failing cards. You need to be able to identify the counterfeits though.

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Well, it had worked for 3 months…I’m self taught and would have to take up Linux and just losing interest lately in the whole HA automation thing, winter is coming maybe it’ll interest me again.

I will see if that testing part of the program works through Windows, but if memory serves it was read write only on Windows.

Tahnks for you help!

I’d certainly hope to get more than 3 months use from an SD card. Here’s an article that might be worth reading. Very informative and a couple of other utilities for testing including Windows utilities. https://www.google.ie/amp/s/photographylife.com/fake-memory-cards/amp

Failing SD cards=crashed systems which clearly does tend to put people off the whole concept of Home Automation.

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yep, up and running, new card on its way too, and just set up the NAS samba backup! Its fun again!