Favorite Remote controls?

Previously I used Insteon 8 button remotes, and they worked very well. You could bind one remote to as many devices as you liked. However, I’m transitioning off of Insteon, so I’m looking for a new solution.

Currently I’m trying the Lutron pico remotes. They’re frustrating with Caseta since you can only bind them to one device. Skipping Caseta and integrating using HASS only is more flexible, but there’s a delay when using them. Still I find the remotes not that flexible.

Does anyone have any favorite multi-function remotes?


I’m using a Sonoff RM433 8-button remote. The downside is that you’ll also need the Sonoff 433MHz RF Bridge, but once you get that, you can add any additional remotes. I also have a single Sonoff button (which recognizes tap, double-tap, and tap-and-hold functions) and a small 4-button key fob remote.
A lot of folks have gone the Sonoff route and then flashed the products with Tasmota or another firmware. I didn’t. I’m using the stock device with the Sonoff LAN integration (installed via HACS). The integration recognizes any devices (including the remote) that I set up using the Ewe-Link app. After setup, you don’t need a cloud connection or the app to use these devices in HA.
You reference these remotes through automations which listen to Sonoff remote events. Since they’re automations, they can do just about anything, toggle a switch or even run a complex script. (I have one button set to my “Good Night” routine that shuts down all the lights on the main floor and switches on “in bed” mode.

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