Favorite Sprinkler Controller

I’m looking to add a smart controller for my existing sprinkler setup (5 zones). I’ve seen mixed opinions on Rachio integration w/ HA, but cant seem to find a consensus on which controller will be best/easiest. Not looking for a DIY project for this one.


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I use Opensprinkler on Raspberry, but you can buy a full controller here https://opensprinkler.com/.
The integration with HA is via Hacs https://github.com/vinteo/hass-opensprinkler


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Rachio integration with personal weather stations is severely limited. If you’re interested in irrigation automation based local observed conditions, Rachio, is not the way to go.

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Thanks, I’m not familiar with HACS - will research. Just curious, is there any specific reason (other than priority) of why OpenSprinkler isn’t a ‘regular’ component?

Valves from the hardware store, relays and ESPHome.

i use rainmachine … integrated in HA … i have two controllers … works well, updates well (weather) … good ios app

I’m a HA newbie, I don’t know it, I suppose that the Hacs integrations aren’t official :slight_smile:

rainmachine doesn’t use HACS … proper integration

FWIW Rachio will be updated in the next HA release to include schedules, which makes it much more useful in my opinion.

I’m planning a multi-zone drip system and will have my own HA-integrated weather station that will track rain, humidity, etc. Meaning: Which would be the best system for me?

If you want to roll your own for cheap, I’ve recently done an 8-zone here:

If you go this route, setup may be longer than an integrated system, if you want custom Tasmota-based timer/schedule functionality inside HA.

When is this happening with Rachio?

Sorry, I thought it was going to be in 0.108, but I guess I didnt get it in in time. So it will most likely be in 0.109, I’m waiting for the beta to come out and I’ll know for sure.

Schedules will be in 0.109. Rain delay switch should be in 0.110.

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I don’t think this happened…

You might have to redo the configuration through the integrations page.

I tried and nothing new. I have a gen2 controller if that matters

Shouldn’t. Your on 0.109 correct?

Yes, It created 12 entities which 9 are my zones, one for the controller, standby and water all zones

How many schedules do you have in the app?