Fcmila smart bulb pairing mode?

Hi all

I’d appreciate some advice. I purchased a 'Smart WIFI Light bulb that (on removing the diffuser) says RC-6523 and Fcmila Smart.

Now, despite my best efforts with the ‘on/off’ shuffle (web says 3x on, off, instructions say 5x) the bulb stubbornly refuses to start rapid flashing to indicate that it’s in ‘pairing mode’. - though to be fair, is this on for 3-5 seconds from switch on, or from led light up ?

In desperation, I downloaded the app to my phone, which immediately found the bulb, however I do not want to uses the app, as I want to integrate this into my home assistant setup

Any (bright) ideas?


Had a reply from the vendor

Seemingly I have to provide my wifi access details AND have my phones bluetooth wide open.

I can easily setup a guest wifi account, but I have a lot of business clients details in my phone book…

Call me cynical, but this seems a lot for a £7 light bulb.

Hey @AllanBrown

I received two smartbulbs from Fcmila and I’m running through the same questions as yours…

Only difference , understanding your initial post, is that I can put them in pairing mode easyli by turning it off and on “some” times :slight_smile: (not sure how many times though).

But then? While in pairing mode, I can easily add them and get them recognized by the native app. But neither in pairing mode nor already paired Home Assistant see them.

Did you managed to get them recognized in HA?
–> can’t find new entities in my list, HA doesn’t trigger a new intergation discovery.

I setup an IFTTT account,and linked it to my Cloud Intelligence account I signed up for when I added my bulbs to the native app (cloud intelligence). But then while in the IFTTT website, looking for devices in the Cloud Intelligence integration, list of my devices remains empty (“options unavailable”).

I tried the same procedure with my Tuya account (linking it to IFTTT) from which I already have a bunch of bulbs and smart plugs (that already work perfectly in HA) and I can see these devices in the IFTTT website list.

Wonder if you got somewhat further than me …



If they are set up in the recommended app, then in google home tap the + in top left corner, choose “ works with Google“ search for the app in use, login with the app login details (not google login) then ask google home to “sync my devices” they will show up as “linked devices” on homepage. Then sort into whatever rooms you like. Hope this helps. I’ve set many items up including the fcmila globe several times now but I just can not get it done this time due to the pairing/wifi issue.