Fcmila smart bulb pairing mode?

Hi all

I’d appreciate some advice. I purchased a 'Smart WIFI Light bulb that (on removing the diffuser) says RC-6523 and Fcmila Smart.

Now, despite my best efforts with the ‘on/off’ shuffle (web says 3x on, off, instructions say 5x) the bulb stubbornly refuses to start rapid flashing to indicate that it’s in ‘pairing mode’. - though to be fair, is this on for 3-5 seconds from switch on, or from led light up ?

In desperation, I downloaded the app to my phone, which immediately found the bulb, however I do not want to uses the app, as I want to integrate this into my home assistant setup

Any (bright) ideas?


Had a reply from the vendor

Seemingly I have to provide my wifi access details AND have my phones bluetooth wide open.

I can easily setup a guest wifi account, but I have a lot of business clients details in my phone book…

Call me cynical, but this seems a lot for a £7 light bulb.