Feasibility question - USB Zwave stick in another computer on the same LAN?

So I mistakenly purchased a Smartthings hub thinking it would interact with HA - which it can, but I don’t want to rely on their cloud. So now I am looking into other solutions and I’ve read that a Nortek USB zwave hub would be good.

My issue is that my server is in the office in my house, but I want to monitor temperatures at my RV and garage. I’m concerned about the range and passing through multiple walls. I have a second computer in the garage - it drives my entertainment and VR setup - and I would be great if I could use that USB hub in the computer there. Is a configuration possible that will allow HA to communicate to the hub on another computer within the LAN?

If the other computer can run the Zwave JS stack, yes. HA can access it over websockets.