Feature: Companion app / program for Windows

macOS got a companion app and I am a jealous Windows user

Sure there is IOTLink, which works mostly but it isn’t a native Home Assistant companion

That would be cool.

This got discussed in #what-the-heck previously.


Thanks - found that post
WTH is there no Home Assistant app for Windows - Month of “What the heck?!” - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

I created this post to officially ‘suggest’ the feature

As was said there, you can try Home Assistant Taskbar Menu:

It works well, it displays notifications, and lets you display your instance, however no sensors are generated from it. You can also try “installing” HA using the PWA capability (requires HTTPS).

I do have PWA version installed and it works fine
To me, the taskbar menu seems a bit clunky / hacky and installing that would make a 3rd ‘app’ on my PC (including the PWA and IOTLink)

Ideally, all these features could be looped into one *offical Home Assistant app/program

It works great for me. It even has a dark UI.

And it can substitute the PWA.

It uses official HA websockets API for menu and displays HA interface using chromium engine, there is no hacks inside :wink:

Can we not just make the web UX an installable PWA which should expose the sensors and info we need without the need for a full native app.

Windows 10 fully supports PWA’s so it would seem to be the most sensible option.

This community site installs as a PWA from the address bar from Edge. So that’s a start…

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It is already an installable PWA, it just doesn’t expose sensors.

Do you know if the PWA platform would have the ability to access information about the Windows host?
Or if it even allows such access through additional code? e.g. sensors like those that IOTlink provides?

Further, I wonder if it would also allow the Windows host to be controlled from within Home Assistant because

If it did, that would totally be ideal


Interesting… I had to use the “Apps” menu in Edge to install it, I didn’t get the + in the address bar, nor the “install” dialog.

So I thought I was just wrapping a web site as an Edge app.

There is no App Configuration menu, I’m unsure if desktop notifications work and trying to keep a logged in session for any length of time is almost impossible.

So if it is a PWA, can we get it improved, expose sensors and more.

With OS’s and device formats blurring, there is no reason not to treat a windows laptop/tablet as a mobile device…

Except that they use different programming languages.

What would be in there? Configuring (currently non-existing) sensors?

Use HTML5 notifications for that.

Create a new topic on the forums about that.

Edge isn’t very PWA-friendly. If you used Chrome, a plus would show up. Also try updating Edge.

Do you mean on the page, or what pops up when you choose to install it?

If it did, then you could get a virus without downloading anything, just by installing a PWA.

As I said earlier, you have to keep websites locked down, so they can’t spy on you or anything. However check this site out: https://whatpwacando.today/
That’s some possible stuff. As for battery management, there is an API for that:
Battery Status API - Web APIs | MDN
However it’s supposed to be deprecated and doesn’t work in Firefox.

Old topic but thought I’d respond, in case someone comes across it in the future: I’ve been developing a WIndows companion app over the past few months; HASS.Agent.

It’s got quite a few functions; sensors, commands, notifications, quick actions, etc.

There’s a HA topic as well, if you have any questions:

Bumping this one and giving it a vote, because the prior solution of using Windows Subsystem for Android is being depricated/removed by Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android™️ | Microsoft Learn

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