Feature req: qBittorrent Integration-- free_space_on_disk

Amazed that this hasn’t been asked before or even in current integration.

IF there IS a catch all for features requests for the official qBittorrent integration, please point meetups there.

Request for free space sensor: sensor.qbittorrent_free_space

The current WebUI reports this as evidenced by this curl extract.

"free_space_on_disk": 2029196804096,

Also in searching for an EXISTING feature request came across a third-party/custom integration that had most of the same functions as this built in integration by they had an active request for version info, which ALSO seemed like a good idea.

Not sure how useful this method of adding a feature request is, as this is my first. Seems much more like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it in the sea but perhaps I am wrong. Makes MUCH more sense to add to GitHub and tag as a feature request as I know from experience that GitHub does work as I have posted and responded to many in the past as a deep, but trying to follow the rules…

Thanks for your consideration.

Feature requests in the forum is how it works in home assistant.

However if you can get it via curl, why not use curl?

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