Feature Request: Allow Automations to continue after service failure

Recently there was a situation where a service broke, causing it to report a failure. This caused any automation using this service/integration to fail once that broken service was called.
I would like to request that we have a configurable option in automations to allow them to continue to process all remaining actions if one action calls a service that fails.
So basically, if on action fails, allow all actions after the failure to continue to process as usual. Maybe make it configurable per automation

I’d suggest to add an optional boolean flag per step (regardless of it being a service call or some other step) “continue_on_failure”

Is this any different than the existing continue_on_error?

Does that work with Automations as well, I knew it was listed for scripts.

Well damn, must have missed that for automations…

The action of an automation rule is what is being executed when a rule fires. The action part follows the script syntax which can be used to interact with anything via services or events.