Feature Request - Bluetooth pairing sensor

I would like to be able to track when my iPhone pairs with a certain bluetooth device.

For instance I would be able to track when the phone is paired to my car.

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I was just thinking about exactly this yesterday.
It would be excellent to be able to get this information as an event I could use as a trigger in Home Assistant.

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I plan to implement a lot of new sensors during the month of May. Can you provide an example of an app that does some action upon connecting to an existing Bluetooth device?

Like Tasker?

An iOS app :slight_smile:

I have been searching and searching but it does not look possible.:frowning:

The only thing I know of that supports this is the official Maps app which automatically drops a pin when your car Bluetooth disconnects. I don’t believe there is any way for me to know when a device disconnects, let alone from the background.

The Pebble Smart watch app is able to determine if the watch is connected via both bluetooth and bluetooth LE as separate connections…

Not sure about arbitrary devices but it might be possible to build a sensor around HASS running on a server/PI with bluetooth and the IOS device so that when they are paired / in range of each other it registers…

Would be very cheap if it worked considering how may people run HASS on a PI 3.

Does this ever implemented? Would be great to build an automation trigger when the phone connect to a specific Bluetooth device.

I see that it is now possible to use an IOS shortcut to detect when you connect to a Bluetooth device, which could then be used to call a HASS web hook or something.

Any ideas how you can detect an IOS device is no longer connected to a Bluetooth device? Shortcuts can’t do it.

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