Feature request: Boot from USB add-on!

I think hassio would be vastly improved with a simple to use add-on for setting up USB boot support on Raspberry Pi. Any idea if something like this is already in the works? Would this have to be implemented by the core hassio devs or could it be created by a user?

I followed this and it worked. Took about 30 minutes total (mostly due to flashing the SSD/USB).

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Thanks- I’ll try this. Any tips on choosing a fast, reliable thumb drive?

I really like the SanDisk Ultra Fit. They’re very small and don’t protrude out of the USB port very much. I have two running two different Pi3’s without issue and neither have corrupted once since I set them up to USB boot (both approx 6 months ago). My experience is also that they are faster than booting from SD card.

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I went SSD using a kit. I had to buy an SSD separately. I think the kit is cheaper if you buy from Element14 directly but I REALLY like same day delivery :slight_smile: