[Feature Request] Common metadata between HTML5 and iOS notifier

Before this thing gains too much traction, would it make sense to develop some common formatting for the notification metadata?

for example, in iOS:

{'push':{'category': 'AWAY'},
            'action_data':{'uuid': str(self.api_obj.state_uuid)}}

after I put this in the configuration.yaml:

    - name: Away
      identifier: 'AWAY'
        - identifier: 'ALARM_ARM_NOW' 
          title: 'Arm'
          activationMode: 'background'
          authenticationRequired: no
          destructive: yes
          behavior: 'default'
          context: 'minimal'
        - identifier: 'ALARM_CANCEL' 
          title: 'Cancel'
          activationMode: 'background'
          authenticationRequired: yes
          destructive: no
          behavior: 'default'
          context: 'minimal'

and in HTML5:

{'actions': [
                'action': 'ALARM_ARM_NOW',
                'title': 'Arm'
                'action': 'ALARM_CANCEL',
                'title': 'Cancel'
            'tag': str(self.api_obj.state_uuid),
            'uuid': str(self.api_obj.state_uuid)

Now I have to write separate automation to talk to each…

BTW: I really like some of the options I get for iOS like authenticationRequired and destructive

There is no way that we can dynamically send action buttons, it’s an iOS limitation. You will have to keep pre-defining categories of actions and passing the category identifier. uuid doesn’t have any purpose on iOS, other than if you wanted to track an individual notification. uuid is used on HTML5 to replace an existing notification.

I realize they can’t be identical but if common fields are in the same place then i can format one payload for both service calls. The uuid is an example of a custom data field. It would be nice if they followed the same hierarchy for common fields. This becomes particularly important on the action events where the custom fields get returned in very different places. Personally i like the action data for iOS more but, one was pulled to trunk first.