Feature Request: Conditional Views

I’m not sure if this is possible or not but it would be very nice if a view could be based on conditions.
For example visible when a person/device tracker has status home and hidden if the status is not_home.

I tested with a conditional card and it worked very well but it would be much simpler if it could be handled on the view level.
If the status is home then all cards in the view should be visible (unless you hace a conditional card in the view which shouldn’t be visible). And vice versa, if the status is not_home the view should be hidden.



This used to be possible with the (now deprecated) Custom Header custom integration.

It’s still functional (I still use it even now) but unfortunately you can’t install it easily.

I know that might not be helpful but at least we know it’s possible so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t have been incorporated into HA core.

BTW, vote for your own request.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve read about Custom Header but also saw that it was deprecated.
Didn’t want to try it because I suspect it will lead to problems further on… :slight_smile:

Quite new with Homa Assistant, migrated from smartthings last week but he possibilities seems endless.

Conditional views would be awesome, would be a much more dynamic dashboard.

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Is it now possible to manage it somehow over the view level?

Yes (sort of), you can make conditional cards which contain the link to the desired view.

Now that Custom Header really is dead (it stopped functioning for this functionality in 2023.4) it would be especially nice if this FR got implemented.

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maybe we ought to add that to the release thread, so dev’s get another change to note the request being extra relevant? was it 2023.4 or actually 2023.5 ?

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I haven’t updated to 2023.5 yet and just finally got updated to 2023.4.6 so it was in that one that it stopped working.

Any news on that? I also like to have this feature.

no, sorry.

there are apparently way more important things to do in HA than this. Like breaking things by removing functionality that then needs to be re-added by the user via additional more complex automations/templates.