Feature request for History - "bulk add entities by type / name"

if this is in the wrong place / wrong labels - please let me know where I should move this.

As a user with bunch of devices / entities I find it a bit problematic to try to get information about state of group of entities, like battery levels. I know that there are some ways to do it, however I think it would be beneficial for people to be able to go to “history” section and be able to chose a group of devices / entities based on type / part of a name.
I think it doesn’t go beyond ones imagination that people would usually have word “battery” in all the entities that report battery level.
Some battry reports are a bit wonky and keep jumping around (philips hue wall dimmers are really bad in that regard) as much as 30% in their read outs, and to know whenever battery need to be swapped - required either to wait it to die OR look at the trend in the report to predict when it needs the battery. Being able to bulk view 35 entities at once VS manually adding them (at least) I would find convinient.

thank you @petro for movign this !