Feature request: Icon_template for Groups

I have started using groups inside groups to clean up my UI and to shorten some of my larger groups such as device status. I would really love to be able to set the icon based off status of whats inside that group!

for example:

    control: hidden
    name: Device Status
      - automation.notify_if_device_goes_offline
      - group.device_status_cameras
      - sensor.roomba
      - sensor.echo_dot
      - sensor.google_home
      - sensor.wemo_link
      - sensor.philips_hue_hub
      - sensor.chromecast_backyard
      - sensor.chromecast_kitchen
      - sensor.raspberry_pi
      - sensor.raspberry_pi_zero
      - sensor.tracker_doorbell
      - sensor.bedroom_led_strip
      - sensor.room_masterbed
      - sensor.room_laundry_room_sensor
    control: hidden
    name: Cameras
    icon_template: "{% if states.group.device_status_cameras.state == 'online' %} mdi:camera {% else %} mdi:alert-outline {% endif %}"
      - sensor.dlink_camera
      - sensor.driveway_camera

I’ll second this one!

Can I use icon template inside group? How?

+1 for this! Would be great for a weather view having a dynamic icon based on current conditions…

I would also like to be able to do this.

Yup, need this too as i have light groups inside groups and right now the icon stays desperately off!

use this:

        icon: >
          if (entities['sensor.home_badge'].state === '0') return 'mdi:account-off';
          if (entities['sensor.home_badge'].state > '1') return 'mdi:account-multiple-check';
          return 'mdi:account';

of course this is based on another entities state, but you could use any entity.

btw this is a view: true group, so even the tab icons are changing.

Thanks for that Marius. Do you know if this can be used with group entities for conditionals as follows:

        icon: >
          if (entities['group.garden_light'].state === 'off') return 'mdi:lightbulb';
          if (entities['group.garden_light'].state === 'on') return 'mdi:lightbulb-outline';

If yes, this would solve my issue! Unable to test this as we speak unfortunately!

must be yes.

this works in my setting dev-tools:

{% if is_state('group.family', 'off') %} 'mdi:lightbulb'
{% else %} 'mdi:lightbulb-outline'
{% endif %}

if you’d want to prevent it from failing in case of unknown, add another safeguard:

{% if is_state('group.family', 'off') %} 'mdi:lightbulb'
{% elif is_state('group.family', 'on') %} 'mdi:lightbulb-outline'
{% else %} 'mdi:help'
{% endif %}

or in the other syntax:

        icon: >
          if (entities['group.garden_light'].state === 'off') return 'mdi:lightbulb';
          if (entities['group.garden_light'].state === 'on') return 'mdi:lightbulb-outline';
          return 'mdi:help';
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Thanks a lot. Great on you.
I was weirded out by the syntax you wrote. Is that an old version/pre-jinja2?

?not sure what you mean?

the {% %} variant is jinja which you can try in the dev-tools in Hassio, and is computed server side. The other syntax is used in the custom-ui and tiles custom cards for example, javascript, which is computed in browser, client side.

again see the link to @andrey 's templating documentation.

Wow, thanks for that. I did not realise you could use special templating for the custom_ui. Just getting the hang of Jinja. I’ll stick to that for a litte while!

Ok, the custom-ui templating works well as follows:

    icon: >
      if (entities['group.light'].state === 'off') return 'mdi:lightbulb';
      if (entities['group.light'].state === 'on') return 'mdi:lightbulb-on';
      return 'mdi:help';

Could not get the regular templating to work and no icon would be displayed.
Thanks Marius!

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This does throw errors when entities are not created on startup, for example due to lack of connection. Tried to use on door/window sensors but Hass would fail to load!

I know this is old but I voted on this one too. Unless I’m missing something, none of the replies are a solution to the OP request.

I seem to only be able to specify an icon (I choose lightbulb for each group) but no way to change it to an “lightbulb-on” for each group icon when the state of that group is on. See below for a visual and an example of group code.


    name: "Daily Outside Lights"
    icon: mdi:lightbulb
      - light.somelight1
      - light.somelight2
      - light.somelight3
      - light.somelight4
      - light.somelight5
    name: "Christmas Lights"
    icon: mdi:lightbulb
      - light.somelight6
      - light.somelight7
      - light.somelight8
    name: "Christmas Candles"
    icon: mdi:lightbulb
      - light.candle1
      - light.candle2
      - light.candle3
      - light.candle4
      - light.candle5
      - light.candle6
      - light.candle7
      - light.candle8