[feature request] iOS 15 Home Keys support

Is there any chance that support for Home Keys will be added? It would be absolutely awesome with an NFC tag reader, as we could use iPhone/Watch with it.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Sounds like super cool feature!

This feature sounds like an awesome idea, it definietly should be added !

This would be awesome, I’m looking for an access solution where I can have a NFC reader that for authentication, having HomeKey support for that would make HA very attractive as a center for that.

+1 that would be insane

is it even possible?

Also interested in keys :slight_smile:

An nfc tag + apple shortcut + home assistant automation based on a webhook :slight_smile:
Or even go further and get a smart plug + dc adapter + door lock like that DC 12V 24V Electric Drop Bolt Lock Door Access Control Delay Adjustable | eBay

Or higher grade locks for security.

50-100$ and you are all done

What happens if that fails? Is there any way to retract the deadbolt and get access if it gets stuck?

Look for normally open deadbolt. It will engage only when the power is on. Power is off - lock is open. But that is for some use cases. You can also find the other part where deadbolt goes in the door frame , not sure what it called, it is electric and opens so you can mange your regular lock both ways using key or opening that thing, something like that https://www.automotionplus.com.au/item/flush-mount-universal-stainless-steel-face-electric-striker-es-138?gclid=CjwKCAiAqaWdBhAvEiwAGAQlth6zT3trrEwvsdzv-0Q4Gr285XOxCEngfMDXDWEIhm5twrzxLvuKGhoCa4sQAvD_BwE you need to look around to find the right option for your case but they are cheap if you shop around

Sorry but this is a terrible recommendation for a front door. If the power goes out your door is unlocked… The automation part with a “normal” smart lock makes a ton of sense though and is exactly what I’m doing. Works like a charm. If you have the device in homekit you can even just skip home assistant entirely for this and just trigger it directly through homekit and the shortcut :+1:t3::+1:t3:

Hehe not if you have powerwall or ups. :grinning:You can also find normally closed one. As i said it is for different use cases

Any progress/updates here? Is HA capable of issuing and reading home keys with a supported reader/device?


well I can give you an example how can you do it another way.
NFC tag + IOS shortcut to do webhook (Or just a URL in the tag - less secure ) + homekit automation.
if on the right wifi, you scan your phone an NFC tag , your phone goes to a URL in your network and triggers HASS automation to open the door.
easy and flexible.
all you need to do is grant your guest access to wifi and share the IOS shortcut…
if you have apple device, if not surely there is an ap that does the same when you scan an NFC tag. IOS way is just more intuitive and you can do it with your watch or ipad or iphone you can do so from your carplay as well …

I’m really looking for this as well!

I’ve made all my cards & keys into the wallet. Just my house key isn’t there yet which sucks.

NFC tag + automation is not a solution because (a) it’s cumbersome and needs manual interaction (b) doesn’t work on watch

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