Feature Request-Live full documentation file

Hello, Home Assistant/Coding noob over here. I’ve seen that people created a chatgpt integration into home assistant, this way you can interact with your home assistant conversationally. I’d like to take this a step farther. I would love it if the Home Assistant team could cobble together all their documentation into a live document, which changes as they add/change features, so either we as users could feed that info into a chatbot to troubleshoot our setups. I am having a hell of a time setting up my home assistant yellow. It would just be nice to have a chatbot with all the knowledge and infinite patience answer all my questions.

The docs appear huge. Would chatgpt allow you to feed it that much documentation data?
I don’t know how they work, but given the docs are public, could you not refer to the doc website in your prompt?

Or you could do what everyone else does and read the documentation. It is kept up to date.

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And it is available on github.