Feature request - Mold Integration - Calibration Factor from templated value/sensor

The Mold Integration has a 'calibration factor" that is the result of a calculation and will only accept a fixed float. That one-time calculation becomes inaccurate with the change of any one of the three variables. A more accurate and useful integration would allow for the value to be derived from a template to calculate the calibration factor based on current conditions, or if the user does not desire, from a helper integer.

Or alternatively to supply the actual critical temperature from a sensor.

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Is this on the “pipeline”? Or will it never see the light of day? :smiley:

Not that I know of.

Using a template sensor that measures the critical temperature (the single glazed windows in my house) and doing the condensation calculations with the indoor temperature and relative humidity is on my long list of things to do. I’ll post here if I ever get around to it.